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Definition Geotechnical monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring definition

Geotechnical monitoring consists in taking multidimensional measurements (1D-2D-3D-4D) using metrology tools such as a robotic or manual total station, an automatic level or a laser scanner, to monitor the evolution of a structure or natural site. This technique is commonly used to monitor structures, industrial or scientific sites or unstable natural sites where accuracy, reliability and security are priority issues.

Geotechnical and structural monitoring surveys

Topometry and metrology have always been at the core of what we do at Sintégra, and geotechnical and structural monitoring is one of our company’s areas of expertise. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians can handle all phases of the procedures including simulation calculations and mathematical analysis needed to qualify results. Hence we ensure that the methods and resources implemented are appropriate for the level of accuracy required.

Sintégra can provide project management assistance and advise you on design and materialization of the monitoring system.

We carry out every aspect of the geotechnical and structural monitoring process, including:

  • Designing the monitoring system,
  • Materialization and implementation of the system,
  • On-site measurements, using the required instruments and operational modes,
  • Calculating coordinates and differences,
  • Determining significant displacement after analyzing differences and measurement noise,
  • Completion of a detailed technical report.

Our company has specialized in complex configurations which require advanced technical knowledge of the different solutions available (landslide monitoring, surface monitoring, movement monitoring, geotechnical and structural monitoring of structures, stability testing of structures, short distance topometry, etc.)

Our capacity to use, for the same project, our extensive expertise in every area of aerial and/or terrestrial topography, ensures that we provide our partners and clients with relevant, complete solutions to their needs, no matter how complex.

Geotechnical and structural monitoring applications

Depending on the issue to be monitored on the site or structure (kinematic and importance of displacements), Sintégra is equipped to implement periodic or continual monitoring by automated remote monitoring.

Thanks to automated real-time tracking, monitoring ensures that measurements are taken at regular intervals. This provides decision making assistance when the site is being secured. Warnings can be generated when displacements observed exceed pre-determined thresholds.

Geotechnical and structural monitoring is used in a very wide range of contexts:

  • Industrial and scientific environments:
    • Verification of bridge cranes,
    • Monitoring deformations of transfer slabs for nuclear submarines,
    • Adjustments of optical benches and machine tools,
    • Verification of various supporting structures,
    • Verification of alignment of electromagnets on particle accelerators,
    • Dimensional control of large sized parts.
  • Monitoring structures and civil engineering work:
    • Stability inspection:
      • Viaduct, bridge,
      • Dam, dikes,
      • Tunnel, gallery,
      • Various reinforcements or buttresses.
    • Size inspection on roads:
      • Tunnel, gallery,
      • Crossing structure, overpasses, underpasses.
    • Natural hazards:
      • Monitoring large natural landslides.
      • Stability inspection of high risk zones:
        • Railway embankments,
        • Rock cliffs,
        • Rockfills…

Staff and resources

Our specialized staff has specific accreditations to work in a wide range of environments on multiple projects including:

  • Radioactive environments,
  • Confined environments,
  • Work at height,
  • Rope access work…

Our company has obtained the French MASE (manual for the improvement of company safety) certification, ensuring that the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) procedures will be specifically adapted to the needs of each site.

Sintégra has its own geotechnical and structural monitoring equipment:

  • High accuracy total stations,
  • Dynamic and static laser scanners,
  • Highly accurate digital levels,
  • GNSS receivers.

Our monitoring systems are controlled by the GeoMoS (Leica) multi-site and multi-sensor platform allowing configuration, on-line publishing of results and triggering alerts.


Cherbourg Arsenal – Nuclear submarine system launching

La Manche (France)


Monitoring deformations of the slab, in real time, during transfer by automated tachometric measurements (with 4 instruments) for insuring the security of the submarine in case of collapse.

CMB / SAGE Ingénierie – Rocky spur / Left bank of the Mer de Glace

Haute Savoie (France)


Topometric monitoring (16 prisms) by long range tachometric measurements (1 km) for stability study of the rock face.

SFTRF / EGIS – Road tunnel of Fréjus and Viaduct of Charmaix

Savoie (France) – (Italy)


Topometric monitoring of two spiked walls (20 prisms) in real time by automated remote monitoring (Geomos) for securing of work site underway.

CEREMA / DDT38 – The Ruins of Séchilienne

Isère (France)


Geodetic monitoring of land slide since 1990 – Manual and automated tachometric measurements (Geomos) on 56 prisms – Real-time monitoring by GNSS on a selection of points to study the instability phenomenon and safety of the road.