Drone photogrammetry
Definition Drone photogrammetry

Drone photogrammetry definition

Drone photogrammetry consists in taking aerial photographies to give a representative picture of a site or an object. The product can take the form of an orthophotomap, 3D model or topographical map. Drones are especially adapted to terrains that are difficult or hard to reach by humans.

Drone and UAV Aerial Photogrammetry Mapping

Sintégra, specialized for many years in photogrammetry, early on grasped the many opportunities offered by flying drones (or UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in which sensors such as cameras can be embedded.

With our expertise in sensors and georeferencing, our aerial photogrammetry team can execute any aerial mission thanks to an optimized flight plan and efficient use of drone capacities. The most important phase is acquisition of images with the resolution and cover needed, as well as good radiometry.

Post-processing, automated (by autocorrelation) or manual (by stereoscopic restitution) is then done by our engineers using dedicated, high performance tools. We guarantee delivery of the highest quality products including orthophotomaps, contour lines, 3D models, DTM or DSM, volume calculations and profiles, among others, thanks to our in-house professional procedures and techniques.

We have several types of drones (fixed and rotary wing) and can provide solutions to all types of drone topography and 3D modeling requirements: high resolution over small areas or small objects, and lower resolution over large areas.

We operate in France and abroad (Europe, Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, etc.) and our expertise in topographical techniques including aerial and terrestrial surveying means that we can efficiently handle even very complex projects (which may combine photogrammetry and laser scanning).

And naturally given our expertise and professional commitment, you can count on us to fully comply with any legal regulations and administrative constraints pertaining to using drones.

Drone photogrammetry applications

Drone aerial surveys and drone inspections are adapted to any service that requires high resolution (millimetric to centimetric) for digital monitoring of the morphology of the terrain or the geometry of an infrastructure. The steadily increasing agility and performance of drones make them especially useful for zones that are hard to reach by plane, helicopter or microlight aircraft.

Applications are extremely wide-ranging

  • Site assessments:
    • Topographic maps of natural or developed sites,
    • 360° aerial panoramas of remarkable sites or projects under construction,
    • 3D modeling (volumetry),
    • DSM (Digital Surface Model),
    • DTM/DEM (Digital Terrain or Elevation Model).
  • Infrastructure assessment and monitoring:
    • Crack detection by visual inspection,
    • Diagnostic and inspection of works of art (viaducts, bridges, dams, embankments…),
    • Energy transportation, pipelines.
  • Quarries and mines:
    • Topographical assessments,
    • Site monitoring,
    • Volume calculations and earthworks,
    • Site development.
  • Archeology and heritage:
    • Assessments,
    • Project monitoring,
    • Photorealistic 3D monitoring (digital clone).
  • Topography for natural hazard studies:
    • Unstable site monitoring,
    • Avalanche risk mapping,
    • Glacier monitoring,
    • Trajectory studies.
  • Texturing tools (« mapping »): oblique shots for 3D model coloring (photorealistic rendering).


Technical equipment and resources

Thanks to our several types of equipment (DJI Matrice 210 and eBee Plus, Phantom 4 Pro) and guaranteed comprehensive implementation (flight plans and georeferencing), we cover a very wide range of applications.

We can embed different types of sensors (photo, video, thermographic) on our drones.

Our pilots and machine operators are certified to complete aerial surveys as a function of different scenarios.

Sintégra is committed to satisfying the growing need for drone airborne lidar company. To this end, our company closely monitors the latest technological developments to ensure that our product and service offering is state-of-the-art. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this market.


EDF UP Alpes / Hydrostadium – Conduite forcée de Sassenage

Isère (France)


Modélisation 3D de la conduite dans la partie verticale en falaise pour étude pour travaux de remise en état.

Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes – CG06 – Digue de Nice

Alpes-Maritimes (France)


Modélisation 3D avec texturation / Rendu photoréaliste pour maquette interactive dédiée à la communication.

ACI Architecture – Fort des Têtes de Briançon

Hautes alpes (France)


Modélisation 3D des remparts et de 11 bâtiments du site – Orthophotoplans à 1 cm/pixel – Plans des toitures au 1/100 pour études de réhabilitation du site.

Groupe VICAT – Carrière de Miribel-Lanchâtre

Isère (France)


Orthophotoplan à 5 cm/pixel – Plan topographique au 1/200 – Cubatures  – Délimitation foncière, pour gestion de la carrière.

Ville de Nice – Site archéologique de Cimiez

Alpes-Maritimes (France)


Modélisation 3D des vestiges – Modèles texturés/rendu photoréaliste pour études archéologiques.

Teractem – Quartier des Passerelles

Cran-Gevrier – Haute Savoie (France)


Panoramas 360° interactifs périodiques pour suivi de la réalisation des aménagements.