Head Office Meylan (Grenoble, France)

The head office of Sintégra, company registered with the OGE (the French national association of chartered surveyors), is located in the city of Meylan, at the heart of the Grenoble region.


Over the years, we have delivered premium services in our many areas of expertise to customers all over the world.


Depending on your need, feel free to contact us at one of these different email addresses:


Secretariat or management : info@sintegra.fr

Chartered Surveying : foncier-vrd@sintegra.fr

Urban development : foncier-vrd@sintegra.fr

Aerial photogrammetry – Orthophotomap : lidar-photo@sintegra.fr

Airborne lidar : lidar-photo@sintegra.fr

Photogrammetry by drone : topo-3D@sintegra.fr

Terrestrial topography – mobile mapping : topo-3D@sintegra.fr

3D modeling – BIM : topo-3D@sintegra.fr


11, Chemin des Près - CS 30003 - 38241 MEYLAN Cedex - France