Sintégra is a consulting and land surveying company that delivers topographic surveys, 3d modeling services, demarcation surveys and land use studies

For over 60 years, our company has been an innovative force delivering services in the fields of topography/mapping and photogrammetry, combined with the latest new technologies such as lidar, mobile mapping, bathymetry, drones, 3D city models and BIM.

With our extensive expertise in topographic surveying and related fields, we provide solutions to the needs of local authorities, design offices and individuals in France and abroad.

  • Entreprise topographie - Sintégra géomètre-expert - Cartographie aérienne


Our engineers and chartered surveyors will closely study your requirements with you in order to provide the optimal solution to meet your specifications and in compliance with best practices and our quality standards.


Airborne LIDAR

Photogrammetic cameras

Road scanner

Airplanes & Helicopters

Photogrammetric drones

Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner

Bathymetric echosounder


In this section, you will find news about our key achievements, exhibitions and events and information about the evolution of our services and equipment.

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