We deliver the following main modeling applications:

  • As-built 3D models: reliable models in geometric terms for revamping or reverse engineering in industry,
  • 3D city models: digital clones corresponding to a virtual reality for the purposes of decision-making, communication, 360° immersion, and impact studies,
  • BIM digital models: modeling smart infrastructures or buildings to meet the needs of BIM projects.


Thanks to our multidisciplinary skills, we handle the entire production chain required to deliver 3D modeling services and virtual modeling.

We have our own in-house equipment and software to deliver 3D modeling services and we have the human resources to deploy several teams at once on site. Our large, highly skilled staff and extensive equipment ensures that we deliver flexible, fast, efficient service.

We are based in Grenoble (Isère, France), but the company regularly operates all over the world.