3d City modeling services
Definition 3D building model

3D building model definition

A 3D building model shows an object, an infrastructure or a structure in its true dimensions. Generally in three dimensions, it effectively represents a structure or simulates changes to be made on the latter (for example to simulate the impact of an urban planning project).

Interactive 3D models for city planning and architecture

With extensive experience in all areas of topography and 3D modeling, our chartered surveying company is also specialized in the production of interactive 3D models for city planning and architecture using data from our geometric and photographic acquisitions.

Depending on the type of 3D building model and resolution required, the most appropriate capture techniques are implemented:


Sintégra delivers 3D city modeling services and handles all phases of producing your model for both technical or communication purposes.

We are equipped to oversee the entire production process from aerial or terrestrial acquisition to final product delivery.

Our team includes graphic artists specialized in the creation and enrichment of digital models.

Thanks to Skyline technology, we can produce geospatial models of your territory without right of way, accuracy or density limitations. They can represent a building, a site, a neighborhood, a city or a metropolitan area. This comprehensive solution allows navigation, data enrichment and can be used for communication purposes (creation of high definition posters and videos).

We also use other solutions such as RhinoCity, 3DSMax or Maya.

With our advanced capture tools, we deliver very high levels of accuracy and density with an LOD (Level of Detail) from 1 to 4 for urban models and an LOD from 100 to 400 for BIM type models.

3D building models applications

There is a constant demand for an integrated tool for urban or land use planning projects run by different stakeholders including elected representatives, technical departments, engineering firms, builders and utility operators.

The interactive 3D city model is a technical tool with which the planner can efficiently communicate relative to project impacts (integrating an urban planning project into a site or a neighborhood).

The need to represent complex large objects may also require digital modeling (structural works, heritage buildings, mechanical parts or infrastructure, etc.).

3D building modeling has different uses:

  • Communication for the purposes of an urban planning or tourism development project:
    • Visual impact on the site and its environment,
    • Urban prospective or retrospective,
    • Comparison of architecture projects,
    • Ski resort master plan…
  • Digital archiving of historic or industrial heritage sites:
    • Listed buildings and sites,
    • Industrial applications,
    • Military or protected sites…
  • Communicating about the results of a technical assessment:
    • Size study:
      • Road,
      • River…
    • Monitoring the evolution of a natural or artificial site or structure:
      • Embankment,
      • Lock,
      • Dam…
    • Wind turbine park,
    • Sound and visual impacts related to the geometry of an infrastructure.

Technical resources

We handle the entire processing chain from acquisition of topographical and photographic data to their use.

This may involve the following components:

  • Aerial acquisition vectors adapted to the level of resolution needed and site constraints:
    • Single and twin engine planes,
    • Helicopters,
    • Fixed or rotary wing drones.
  • Cameras: large and medium format, drone type sensors:
    • 3D model production (built /vegetation/road infrastructures…),
    • Texturing of models for photorealistic views.
  • Airborne lidar: multi-echo, long range et high frequency:
    • Production of DTM (natural terrain) / DSM (vegetation) / DEM (built).
  • Static or dynamic terrestrial lidar (mobile mapping)
    • Production of high resolution 3D models.


To produce the model, depending on the size of the surface to be modelled and the resolution required, different tools and software are used:

  • Skyline technology: World leader in 3D spatial visualization in streaming: the Terra package (TerraBuilder and TerraExplorer) allows creation and rendering of complex geospatial data without spatial limitations
  • 3DS or MAYA: We use it to create textured objects or small high resolution models
  • RhinoTerrain and RhinoCity: this package is used to create textured urban models from real data such as roof curves, aerial images, point clouds or cadastral files

Commonly requested standard formats can be produced: IFC / CityGML…


Ministry of Defense – Cité de l’air de Balard

Paris (France)


Comprehensive aerial lasergrammetry and photogrammetry survey of the site, 3D modeling, interactive model with TerraExplorer, digital archiving of the site before its destruction.

CNR – Rhône River



Interactive 3D model based on existing aerial and bathymetric cartographic data, high resolution video, size study of a navigable canal, project presentation.

General Council 06 / SEGC – Embankments of ports of Nice and Villefranche

Alpes Maritimes (France)


High resolution 3D modeling by aerial photogrammetry (drone and helicopter), study of block displacement and interactive 3D model to be put online on the General Council website.

City of Cran-Gevrier

Haute Savoie (France)


3D city modeling based on aerial data, digital modeling using TerraExplorer, integration of architectural projects, urban planning studies, historic archiving.