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Definition Demarcation services

Demarcation survey definition

Demarcation is the operation that legally establishes boundaries between properties. This can be done out of court or it can be imposed by the courts in case of owner disputes. In France, only a chartered land surveyor (registered with the OGE, the French national association of chartered surveyors) is accredited to execute demarcation services.

Demarcation services, urban planning & legal mapping

With our extensive knowledge of the Grenoble region and 60 years’ experience, Sintégra and our team of chartered land surveyors can assist you with all your land and property projects. We handle all local administrative, legal, and topographic issues.

Our company is based in Grenoble (Meylan), Voiron, St-Marcellin and St-Etienne-de-St-Geoirs and has excellent knowledge of the local socio-economic environment.

Currently we have no less than 6 chartered land surveyors in our firm. Thanks to this highly qualified team combined with a large topographic department, we deliver services fast and efficiently.

As chartered land surveyors registered with the OGE (the French association of chartered surveyors), we are experts in topographic services and assessment including demarcation and boundary services, cadastral surveys, land division, etc.

The company also has the appropriate ministerial accreditation to handle land development work. We have in-depth knowledge of current legislation to ensure that your land development project is completed in strict compliance with the law, regulations and the urban planning code.

Demarcation services and urban planning applications

For private individuals:

In addition to demarcation and plot division services, we provide:

  • Information about easements associated with a piece of land along with building possibilities,
  • The surface area of property and assessments,
  • Plans required to submit a request for a building permit,
  • Joint ownership documents (description of the division and plans),
  • Subdivision project management.


For local authorities:

We work with local authorities to advise them about urban planning procedures and decisions in terms of planning regulations, cartography and GIS.

The different operations related to land use approval must comply with complex procedures about which we have in-depth knowledge including:

  • Building permits
  • Urban planning certificates
  • Planning permissions

We deliver a comprehensive range of services from land inventory (topographic maps, boundary surveys, alignment, landholding enquiries…) to acquisition or sales. We also are qualified to act as a land agency, overseeing the preliminary project to the Declaration of Public Utility (friendly or voluntary land acquisitions, expropriations, legal issues, negotiations, referral to courts, court session, notifications…).


For professionals:

Today projects are increasingly complex and whether you are an urban planner, real estate operator or builder, you can rely on our technical and legal skills every day.

We have the expertise to answer your needs right from the land inventory stage to acquisition or sale and we provide land agency services from the Declaration of Public Utility to land and forest development.


In terms of urban planning:

Our experience as land surveyors and urban planners and our consulting expertise brings you genuine added value for all of your planning projects:

  • Planning certificate: even if the project can be filed by you, our expertise in the area will enable you to obtain a more accurate answer from the local authority in question.
  • Preliminary declaration: this urban planning application allows you to create one or more lots to be built without creating or developing common spaces or infrastructures. In addition to compiling the file, we provide our experience in terms of proposing a division in compliance with urban planning regulations and on setting up any easements and/or any other urban planning components.
  • Planning permission: more complex than the Preliminary declaration, the Planning permission is the planning authorization which allows you to create the subdivision including roads and common areas. Our multidisciplinary teams work with you throughout every phase of your project, from the draft stage to work acceptance.
  • Permission to build, permission to demolish: our topographic maps, along with the demarcation surveys of your property allow you to file your applications with total peace of mind thanks to the quality of our assessments and expertise of our teams.

We can:

  • Advise you on compiling an Urban Project partnership (known as PUP in France) with towns,
  • Advise you on the possibilities for building on your land in terms of:
  • The Land Use Plan/the Local Urban Planning scheme,
  • Risk prevention Plan,
  • Exposure to foreseeable natural risks,
  • The Territorial Coherence Scheme,
  • The Urban Planning Code…

Relying on our expertise, you will optimize your property while strictly complying with the latest legislation.


Jarrie – 12 lot subdivision – Le clos

Isère (France)


Planning permission, demarcation surveys/site plans/as-built plans, tender documents, roads and utilities working drawings, project management and followup.

Echirolles – Joint ownership

Isère (France)


Descriptive assessment of the division, calculation of shares of common parts and expenses related to common facilities.

VICAT Group – Quarry of Creys-Mepieu

Isère (France)


Demarcation of an operating quarry, demarcated right-of-way: 10 km, number of markets set up: 200, definition of the operating scope by performing demarcation surveys with all affected residents.

APRR –A46 Highway

Lyon (France)


Widening to 2×3 lanes within the scope of building the A466, plot file required for negotiations, documents modifying the Cadastral plot documents, staking out new rights-of-way, monitoring modifications.